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Supply Chain Sourcing 2: Xerox Is Our Bro

eco, Supply chainNick OgdenComment

When we first looked into printing services we kept asking the same question: "do you print on biodegradable papers using environmentally friendly inks?" Most of the companies we talked to could not give us a straight answer or direct us to their supplier's websites to do further research. Here at NO Standard we are not shy to doing a little digging and getting our digital hands dirty but having a company tell us to do all our own research about their suppliers put us off a little. This is a major pet-peeve of ours. If a company we are looking at to establish a professional relationship with can't answer or give us a very clear outline as to where to look to find the answers we are looking for about their products then that is a major problem. 


We looked around at the local, Halifax, print shops and luckily we found one that not only could answer most of our questions they also carried products we can use. BroMoc Print representatives answered our questions and even took the time to set up phone conversations to really hammer out the specifications that NO Standard Co. needs. Here at NO Standard Co. we don't try and make it hard to work with us, we want all the companies that supply our products to at least share in some of our mindsets and have knowledge of their product. BroMoc Print does just that. After a few questions from their rep and some solid details of what NO Standard Co. is looking for, they lined us up with Xerox printed stickers. 


If some of you don't know Xerox is not so secretly changing the face of toner printing and production. Their inks are engineered to be more environmentally safer then their competitors. They have triple bottom line standards; 4 Green Goals to make their products carbon neutral, less harmful to resource degradation, reduced use of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and waste free production habits. Xerox is ISO 14001 certified creating green manufacturing facilities in all of their major production houses. Xerox is heavily decorated with green initiatives for their steps to creating more environmentally sustainable products and business models. Xerox is our bro with BroMoc. 

Lastly, NO Standard Co. is committed to continue sourcing products from companies that create open communication not only about their services but their suppliers as well. If any of our readers know a company or person that NO Standard Co. should team up with don't be shy to send us an email! 

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