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Supply Chain Sourcing: 1

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Jerico is a Canadian apparel manufacturer that has kept all their production in Canada since 1987. Founded by two brothers and two sisters with a vision to create a product that is not only of the highest quality but also helps grow the Canadian economy. With this vision in mind Jerico was born. After the formation of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, between the United States, Canada, and Mexico; the Canadian apparel manufacturing sector plumited with the out-sourcing of cheap labor to Mexico. The founders of Jerico had to make a decision: shift production to Mexico to compete with market prices or become an industry leader and maintain their integrity, sustainability, and economic positive impact by keeping production in Canada. The later was chosen. Jerico is still a major player in the Canadian apparel industry and their vision stays true. 


Here at NO Standard Co. we are creating a brand of integrity with the vision of sustainable supply chains in mind. We are committed to only sources sustainable, fair trade, conscious products from companies with a like minded business approach. We use Jerico apparel because their vision is in line with ours. Our printing is done locally by Nick at Backstage Printing who only used water based dyes. This style of printing requires a higher attention to detail, alternative techniques, and ultimately a fantastically crafted product. Back Stage Printing does small batch printing utilizing efficient resource usage, cutting down on waste.  


Through the coming blog posts we will be sharing more insight into our product sourcing and company choices.  

We are also pleased to announce today that we will be featuring articles by Bridgette DeCoste on a wide range of topics. Stay tuned!  

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