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Eating This Planet: Meet Meatless

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Meat. I have not enjoyed a meal of meat in a long time. I have not enjoyed dairy in long time either (I am also lactose ignorant so that helps). I do not like the word vegan. I do not like the negative connotation that is always placed on the word and the stigma omnivores and vegetarians have of vegans. However, if you can expand your mind a little and allow me to show you some really cool "food tech" that could ultimately change the grocery game. I am not going to sit on a throne and dictate what anyone eats but I will show everyone who will look and tell everyone who will listen about cool new innovative things. Every meat consuming person should come to the realization that yes, the meat industry produces huge amounts of waste and ultimately means that you, as a consumer, are creating a lot of indirect and direct waste through your consumption patterns. SO lets talk about cool new innovative ways that you, as a consumer, can produce less waste and try some new products from people trying to change their piece of the world.

As a consumer, as a 24 year old male, as a young person in general I am easily drawn to really good marketing. If a company has a catchy catch phrase or a cool logo or a neat image on a post I will 9 times out of 10 click on what ever is put in front of me. If that company is doing so AND producing a product that I can get behind then that is even better1 Beyond Meat is one of those companies. Beyond Meat has taken meatless protein options to the next level, they have broken down what makes meat meat and recreated these building blocks with plant proteins. I don't even know. Just science. Essentially they have found a way to sythesize the proteins, at a molecular

level, and build "meat" out of plant proteins. I mean even create "blood" and "fat" from plants! Blows my mind. Their mission: 

We believe there is a better way to feed the planet. Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare. At Beyond Meat, we want to make the world a better place and we’re starting one delicious meal at a time.

Beyond Meat has set themselves up to change the face of grocery industry and carve out a huge section of consumers. Creating a product like this, I think, bridges a gap between hard-core meat eaters and eating a predominantly plant based diet. 

The next innovation in food tech that I want to talk about is Sunfed's chicken less chicken. An Australian company founded by Shama Lee. Lee wants to change the world through her chicken less chicken. She has found a way to replicate the flavour and texture of chicken meat by using yellow split peas. Using a plant based substance to recreate a rather traditional meat protein is a hard thing to do but Lee has done it and by doing so she is creating a future with far less waste. By innovating an industry that has long been stagnant in any real big, earth altering, innovation Lee is contributing to a ripple affect that will change the way people view food. 

Nigel Latta tries Sunfed Chicken Free Chicken on What Next? and talks with Sunfed Meats founder Shama Sukul Lee Royal Thai Chicken Free Chicken Green Curry prepared by Chef JJ at The Lunchroom

Sunfed is creating ripples in Australia that are being felt here in North America. Creating a product with the next generation in mind is a major undertaking, both Sunfed and Beyond Meat are doing so in strides. 

As a consumer, you are wanting to reduce the amount of waste that you produce through your consumption patterns, maybe look at alternative protein sources. This new wave of plant protein, meat-less-meat, is opening the door for all people to at least think about alternatives when grocery shopping. These products are a little more expensive then the average "meat" protein source for now but if more consumers demand these products, more producers will step up and create. Following the law of supply and demand, prices will go down as demand goes up. Lets change the grocery world. 

Throughout the this month I will be talking about how our eating habits affect the overall health of the planet. I will show cool innovations like the ones talked about today and I will discuss much more. Next week I will discuss meatless in the media and how celebrities are jumping on the bank wagon to try and push a less meat intensive diet onto their fans. 

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