Conscious Consumerism

We are dedicated to conscious consumerism and devoted to create content that is easily accessible to all consumers.

The Idea

NO Standard Co. was created as a reaction to the consumer driven markets, shedding light on the effect each decision a consumer makes on the global ecosystem. 

We are a simple, bold, tangible brand calling out the NO STANDARD in many global markets. 

We want to educate consumers on the effects their buying decisions have on the global ecosystem and how through changing their buying habits they can cause major market shift toward a more sustainable future. 


Style & Quality

We standard behind our slogan: "Conscious Consumerism". 

Our apparel is printed on Jerico products that are Canadian made, sustainable, and eco-conscious. 

Our stickers are printed on biodegradable products using environmentally friendly engineered toners. 



We guarantee to be as transparent as possible with our business ethics. 

We guarantee to always source conscious products. 

We guarantee to create content with understanding and an environmental sustainable mindset.